React Native Part 2 (Networking: Fetching Data)


Is this part of section 3?


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Yes network, my is empty! and I have a strange message saying the await has no effect …!

…and did you compare your file with the ending file of the download?

\Part 2\Section 3- Networking\End <–he provides this via his github :slight_smile:


Thank you mate, yes but in this part, he already deleted it and replaced other modules, anyway, I think I will not dig more and follow your first suggestion by copying the code, thank you mate, appreciate your help

It’s all good…
…We all did the same thing. We try to figure it out for hours (sometimes days). Then we copy the code and realize it was a freaking “;” or “)” or “}” or something like that.

At least each section is divided in the part 2 download which has a “start” before code changes and “end” after all the videos of that section “changes”.

Good luck!

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unfortunately, “end” is the end of all video and files there is no version between, it would be much better, thank you again.

let me know if you are able to download these files…


It’s the end of the Networking section 3

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Thank you mate, appreciated really your help, my last issue was in the pictures, I couldn’t retrieve them even that I have all the object back! anyway, it’s another issue that I have to resolve before checking the details.

I found the route cause !
On the server-side: change the address to your development.json

same problem :frowning: nothing from suggested solution is working for me

any luck? same exact problem? can you provide screenshots of the relevant pages?