Missing Users table after setting up the node backend

I hope this helps.

After executing `node seed.js``
I checked MongoDB Compass and the Users table was missing.
Found this solution on Github and I am so thankful to Ondrovic for posting the solution there([seed.js does not populate users · Issue #10 · mosh-hamedani/vidly-api-node · GitHub])

I am pasting the same solution here

I managed to get this working directly from the seed.js . You will need to make the following changes

Top near the other const’s
const { User } = require("./models/user");

Before the seed()
const dataUsers = [ { name: "Seed User", email: "seed@email.com", password: "password", }, ];

Inside seed() before 1st for
await User.deleteMany({});

Inside seed() before mongoose.disconnect()
for (let user of dataUsers) { await new User({ name: user.name, email: user.email, password: user.password, }).save(); }

No more manual creating from the 1st step

@Sushmita1794 Hey thanks for posting this. These changes to seed.js fixed this issue for me :+1: