Looking up answers

Hi there.

I can’t seem to find the file for the solution to the exercises that’s suppose to be in table folder. What do I do?


Welcome on the community.
I am sorry to say that but please understand that we are not in your minds.
To get help you need to help the potential helpers with detailed information.
When I read you I have one question : What are you talking about?

There is no section set to this question so we don’t know what technology you are dealing with. There is no more detail in the body of the post. All we know is you can’t find files from a course.
So we cannot guess.

Please provide extra info:
What course?
What environment you are working with (Windows, Mac, Linux)?
What technology it is about and versions?
Anything else that could help.


Oh, sorry about that…

I’m talking about the HTML and CSS course with Mosh. In the folder CSS basics folder tables the answers to the first exercise are missing. I’m using windows 10.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Thank you for the details.
I did not take that course so I can’t help myself.
There will certainly be someone who took it that will answer you.
Alternatively you can put the question in here so we can have a look.

Now if the missing part is answers to exercices I believe it may be on purpose. In such case there shall be a separate zip file like in some courses I took. You would probably see them though because they are likely just next.

Just like there:

By the way this is a thing Mosh adds in many of his courses.

Also I would advise you update your 1st post to add the section and set it to HTML/CSS.


The title is too generic. You could set it to something like “Cannot find solutions to exercice {Exercice number} {Exercice topic}” for instance.

It should enhance your chances to get the answer.

Thank you for your effort but it didn’t help me much. They aren’t answering my emails either so I’ll skip this course altogether and get another one where the developers are serious about their customers. And I will demand a refund ofc.

Sorry to hear that.
I want to make sure that you understand I am a member of the community just like you. I cannot answer your question specifically (for I didn’t take the HTML one), nor could I add any extra resource to the course.
Good luck on your new course.

I assume you are talking about this lecture. If so, the solutions are in the Downloads which are below the PDF in a file called “Exercises.zip”:


I did, but I somehow can’t open the files? Let me try again… Thanks!