Do we need advanced css knowledge to work with React in real world?

Do we need advanced knowledge of css to work with React in real world. Especially in enterprise level projects?


The question is related to React which is a front-end web technology so I’d say it is best to know CSS for at least the tenets. Now what do you mean by advanced CSS?
Where do you place its edge?

There are people capable of crazy things beyond my own imagination with CSS.
But being able to do some positioning, alignment, sizing is paramount.
The rest is experience.

Obviously the more you know the better.


Thank you! So, do I need to learn CSS things beyond positioning, alignment, sizing to work with React in real world apps?

I would still integrate new knowledge into my planning. Simply, unless there is any urgency, you don’t need to hurry with advanced topics.
You’ll likely learn along with new projects.
Just my 50 cents.