Calculating team differences with player

    other_than_last_players_team = self.other_team(
    new_player_team = teams[other_than_last_players_team].copy() + [player]
    proposed_diff = self.calculate_player_average_difference(gametype,

    alternative_team_a = [player for player in teams[] if player != last_new_player] + \
    alternative_team_b = teams[other_than_last_players_team].copy() + [last_new_player]
    alternative_diff = self.calculate_player_average_difference(gametype,

Can someone help me understand this? I understand what other_than_last_players_team is doing.
The + \ in alternative_team_a really has me confused and why their are line breaks in the code. Thanks

I think it is all just formatting. The line breaks withing parentheses blocks are just optional formatting to make things “easier” to read.

The \ in the + \ bit I believe is just allowing them to put the content on the next line. If you remove the \ and the new line it should just be a + to concatenate the lists.

Does that make more sense to you now?