Authentication and Authorization Section

Has anyone ported the “Authentication and Authorization” code to Angular 11? In particular, the “fake” or mock backend part of the exercise.

I’ve been googling to see if I could port it myself. I see a few options that I haven’t tried out yet.

  1. I found a tool that will help you update your old Angular code to a newer version. Has anyone tried this?

  2. Here are two examples of how to implement a mock backend, one in Angular 10, the other in Angular 2. If I learn how both of these work, then I could port the code. However, by then I’ll have learned the skill, why bother with the section, right? :slight_smile:

Angular 2 - MockBackend Example for Backendless Development

Angular 10 - Fake Backend Example for Backendless Development


Could you solve it? it’s a shame that this course is still being selled when it’s so outdated.

Hi, so what I ended up doing is using the same version of Angular that Mosh uses in the course. That way I could learn how to write Angular code, then later focus on porting to the latest version. I still use this course as reference to this day.


Thanks, think I’ll do the same.

I encountered similar problems. I am self-studying Angular-12 by following Mosh’s tutorials. His presentation is good but Angular makes updates quite often.
For the section of Authenticatioin and Authorization , I finally gave up to use Mosh’s fakebackend codes. Instead, I tried to implement his backend logics by using Express-JS. And it works. Fortunately, I have some understanding for the express framework. Hope my sharing can provide another side of views for solving the problems.

However, I still want to know the counterparts of MockBackend in Anugular-12 and how to implement fakebackend by using such counterparts . As far as I know from stackoverflow , MockBackend has already been deprecated since Angular 4.

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Hi. I have replied to this post in a new post. Search for: Authentication and Authorization section in Angular 4: Beginner to Pro in this forum or visit: Authentication and Authorization section in Angular 4: Beginner to Pro

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