Am I job ready as a backend developer?

Hi everyone

My name is Karan CS and i have been programming for 6-8 months and now i have mastered node

I’m from india and here the average salary of a backend developer is 30k rupees per month.

I have took Node course and completed all projects by my own and did all the excercises.

Am I job ready as a backend developer for average salary (30,000) in India?

thanks in advance for ur precious reply,


Karan Gowda

I think it is harder to comment without seeing your portfolio.

You can upload your source code to services like GitHub or GitLab and make your repositories public so that you could link them in your CV. Moreover you should also deploy your Web Apps/backend APIs to free services like Heroku, Vercel, Netlify, etc.

Doing these things will help your potential interviewers see what your skills are and also let them play around with what you’ve built, without having to download it on their computers and trying to get it to work (it’s super frustrating).

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thanks a lot for the advice!